Beck- Nick Drake Covers

I’ve been a Nick Drake fan for quite a while now, and over the years I’ve heard some really pitiful attempts to cover his songs. In all reality, I should know better than to expect anything close to Drake because he had such a unique approach and style to his music, but I’ve always kept an ear open for any covers that could do him justice. Well, Beck covered a few songs from Drake’s last album Pink Moon that gave me chills up and down my spine the first time I heard them. Beck doesn’t try to copy Drake’s versions, but instead gives them a feel all his own while still keeping the mood of the songs. They are after all, somber songs, but yet somehow beautiful at the same time. Beck’s tribute confirms the feelings that Drake’s legacy will never be forgotten, no matter how short his career was.

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  1. Comment by d.edlen:

    This is why I like Beck so much. Thanks for posting these as well!

  2. Comment by CP:

    I would love to hear these, being both a Deak and Beck fan…too bad the links do not work!


  3. Comment by CP:

    Ooops…Drake fan! Well, maybe the links can be reset? Plz? CP

  4. Comment by NickDrake101:

    Some of us have to START small before we can work our way up to the level of Nick Drake’s finesse: A timetable is rrelevant. Here’s my START: hence the name 101…

  5. Comment by Anonymous:

    these guys base all of their songs of of nick drakes life… very interesting

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