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Ryan Adams- State Theater 9/27/07

Posted September 29, 2007 By admin

Wow, I didn’t realize when I bought a ticket to last nights show I’d be at one of the most controversial Ryan Adam’s shows of the year. Anyone interested in reading all the criticism of last nights show, click here. I feel the need to give an alternate point of view of the show as well, as I enjoyed it thoroughly. Now, I must preface this by saying this was my first Ryan show, and I have been a fan for a few years and have seen many a fan post on various message boards about the disappointing performances of Ryan. I went in to the show really having no expectations because of that reason, so maybe I was ready to be pleased with any type of show he put on. But, I really enjoyed what I did see. A little short? Maybe, but nothing so extreme that I’m whining about the money I spent. I knew going in that I could get an hour long show, or I could get a 3 hour show, either way I was prepared. I was especially amused by the fans booing after the show when they realized there was to be no encore. Either they haven’t been Ryan fans for very long, or they are just idiots. You can’t be a Ryan fan expecting anything from a show except controversy, so why be surprised when you get it? Don’t spend the 50 bucks if you aren’t prepared for a hit or miss concert. I left the show thrilled that I saw my favorite artist put on a great show, and looking forward to the Iowa show on Monday that I will be attending. All in all, I consider the night to be a success, regardless of what the media portrayed.

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