Three Ring Records Music Sampler

Three Ring Records has released a 13 song music sampler on E-Music, available to download for free! Here is the tracklisting, followed by a link to download the compilation.

1. Love is Chemicals – Our Darkest Days and Nights
2. Solar Powered Peopl – Melting Ice and Snow
3. Audio Out Send – Calling on the Girl
4. The Lonelyhearts – Harlequin Bands
5. Manuok – Serves You Right
6. Pu2213 – Selfless
7. The New Slave – No More Endlessly
8. Aim Low Kid – Tango
9. Andy McWilliams – By Boat
10. Rykarda Parasol – My Spirit Lives in Shadows
11. the Scattered Pages – Please Please Please, Let Me Get What I Want
12. Scrabbel – Chicago New York
13. Jub – Arriving Flights

Three Ring Records Music Sampler, Vol. 2

Three Ring


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    Chris here from Three Ring Records. Thanks for posting and getting the word out!

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