Bob Dylan- Together Through Life

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me or that reads this blog that Bob Dylan is my favorite musician of all time. He has consistently put out amazing albums, from the 60’s all the way up until the current day. He has made albums that deal with tough issues in an easy to understand format, and albums that you need a college education or hallucinogenic drugs to decipher what’s going on in them. His most recent effort, Together Through Life, is what I would classify as a fun Dylan album, outside of a few tracks. The first song to appear streaming on his website, “Beyond Here Lies Nothing“, is the albums opening track and is just a fun sounding song that starts the listening experience off with a kick. Then it moves into a more serious sounding “Life Is Hard“, which is the song that inspired Dylan to even record this album. He recorded the song for an upcoming movie, My Own Love Song, and felt the urge to keep recording and ended up with this album. After those two tracks, most of the songs, outside of “My Wife’s Hometown“, which is funny and sad at the same time, and “Forgetful Heart“, feel like filler, but filler for Dylan is still amazing material. This album is not as good as Dylan’s previous album, Modern Times, in my opinion, but it is on the top of my list for 2009 so far, and will be hard to beat.

  • Beyond Here Lies Nothing
  • My Wife’s Hometown
  • Forgetful Heart


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  1. Comment by YogaforCynics:

    Gotta say, I'm not sure what to say about Together Through Life…I like the sound, particularly given David Hidalgo's contributions, there's nothing that sucks (then, there really hasn't been anything that sucks on a Dylan album since "Under the Red Sky"), but, though I listen to it over and over again (it's on right now, in fact), it hasn't caught fire with me.

    Then, it took something like five years for me to really learn to like Love & Theft, which is now second only to Blonde on Blonde in my Dylan pantheon (the fact that it came on on 9/11/01 could've had something to do with the delayed reaction there, though…)…

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  3. Comment by David Halliday:

    I’ve listened to Together Through Life about 40 times. I think his latest work (last 3 albums) are his best stuff since the early days before Nashville Skyline. I hate almost everything he did in between. You can tell he’s been listening to a lot of stuff in the 30s and 40s. You can dance to Dylan now. What an odd thing to say. And he’s having fun. Even when he’s serious.

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