Alan Wilkis

Alan WilkisBrooklyn-based producer/multi-instrumentalist, Alan Wilkis, is extrememly proud to present Pink And Purple. Jampacked with 808s, vintage synths, vocoders, handclaps, hooks, and harmonies, Pink And Purple is an eclectic romp through the FM airwaves of the 1980s – 6 songs of non-stop electro-pop dynamite.

Home-recorded from June ʻ08 – February ʼ09, Pink And Purple is Wilkis’ sophomore release. On it, he continues to explore his unique genre-bending aesthetic, crafting a sound that is at once familiar and yet entirely his own, with influences ranging from Prince and Rick James to Steve Winwood and Madonna. On the EP-opener, “Snuggle Up To Nail Down,” infectious Casio beats pop-and-lock their way across the dancefloor. On “N.I.C.E.,” Alan floats rubbery synths over squelching basslines and squealing horns. “Dance With You” pits Van Halen against the Pointer Sisters in a “Jump” contest, and the epic “Time Machine” soundtracks The Neverending Story with Phil Collins.

In assembling Pink And Purple, Alan enlisted several of NY’s finest, including Gunnar Olsen on drums; guitarists, Grey McMurray and Ryan Ferreira; Eric Biondo and Tony Barba on horns.

So throw Pink And Purple on your iPod and turn it up real loud… 100% guaranteed to slap a smile on your face and throw a serious wiggle in your booty. Don’t be scared… it’s just Alan Wilkis.

  • N.I.C.E.
  • Gotta Get You Back
  • Dance With You


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