Paolo Nutini- Sunny Side Up

Paolo Nutini- Sunny Side Up

When I first heard the new Paolo Nutini album Sunny Side Up, I was surprised at the dramatic change in musical styling. His vocals are there as always, so unique and strong, but the lyrics and music show a growth from his first album. The album starts off with the reggae sounding 10/10, which is just a fun song in general. Then the album takes a more serious turn with Coming Up Easy, which adresses Nutini’s issues with drug addiction in a very subtle way. Candy is so far the only single from the album, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a catchy pop song that also has some serious lyrics about falling in love and trying to keep that love after time passes. Simple Things is a song about just appreciating the simple things in life, such as having a family to love you, and having a family you miss. This album is as of right now my top for 2009, and I have really never seen such growth from one album to the next in any artist I’ve listened to. I would highly recommend this album to any fan of just plain good music and lyrics, and if you like it, pass it onto as many people as you can, Paolo is an artist that deserves to be heard by as many people as possible.

  • 10/10
  • Coming Up Easy
  • Candy
  • Simple Things


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