Sleeping With Antares

Sleeping With AntaresSleeping With Antares was born out of a project initiated by Philip Brillo and Manuel Xueref in Rome, Italy in 2006. They then moved to London to study at university and met with Matteo who they knew from back home and had coincidentally moved to London too. The three of them started making music at home as they were living together, but never had the chance to show people what they were doing until they met Thiago in January 2009. After Thiago joined the band as a drummer, they started gigging in London’s underground scene receiving some very good feedback from the crowds. Now they are currently recording their first official studio EP which will be out end of September. In the meantime you can get an idea of what they are doing by listening to the two songs they recorded recently at home.

  • Airport
  • Fyre Pyre




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