The Medders

The MeddersCheyenne, Carson and Will Medders, the sons of a songwriter, grew up in northern Georgia running around in the woods, inventing games, and banging around on old guitars and drum sets. The boys became men and all went to the same college in Arkansas, where they were discovered by a young piano and computer wizard from New York named Joshua Stauter. Cheyenne, who had been making up songs on guitar for ten years, had always wanted a piano player, being under the influence of Wilco, Elton John and Ben Folds Five. It was 2004 when this current lineup began playing shows. However, Cheyenne moved to Nashville in 2005 and made two solo records while the other boys finished school. The second of these featured both Will and Joshua. The foursome played sporadic shows for the next three years in Arkansas and Tennessee, had the privilege of opening for Merle Haggard in 2007, and took the opportunity to record demos with two producers who saw promise in them, Lij Shaw and Robin Eaton. In the summer of 2008, all of the boys lived in Nashville and began self-producing what became their first album. After trying on several names that didn’t seem to fit, the boys realized the answer was right there in three fourths of their veins. “The Medders” was simple and didn’t mean anything else, and it provided a continuity from Cheyenne’s solo albums. From summer through winter the boys put the studio to use, recording themselves live, searching for new sounds and writing songs. They fleshed out about twelve songs in The Court studio, choosing to put the finishing touches on ten of them. This first collection is called “The Medders” and will be released on September 1, 2009. All members of The Medders write songs, play multiple instruments and perform with other bands, including Annie Williams, Secret Name and The Nobility.

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