A while back I posted the complete Woodstock festival recordings over quite a few blog postings. Seeing as this weekend is the 40th anniversary of the festival, I’ve decided to re-post the links to the blog posts in the order they each performed on each day they performed. So, here goes.

August 15th, 1969 – Day 1


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  1. Comment by Tom Degan:

    The Woodstock Festival did not take place in Woodstock, New York but in the town of Bethel which is sixty-seven miles due west. The second day of that mythic, three-day concert coincided with my eleventh birthday (I am going to be fifty-one on Sunday. Yikes! Where did the time go?). I remember quite clearly my friend Tom Finkle and I riding our bikes up to the bridge on South Street that overlooks Route 17 – a four lane highway which snakes its way into Sullivan County where the great event took place. It looked like a long and narrow parking lot. The New York State Thruway had been shut down. To the best of my knowledge, that had never happened before and has not happened since.

    Read more here: http://www.tomdegan.blogspot.com/

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