Anthony Da Costa- Not Afraid Of Nothing

Anthony DaCosta- Not Afraid Of Nothing

Anthony da Costa IS not afraid of nothing.

A public statement, a self-realization, an album title, a cool chance to use a double negative…or all of the above.

Not sure. But one thing is certain: Anthony’s new record is anything but careful.

In 2007, at 16, he became the youngest winner ever at the Falcon Ridge and Kerrville Folk Festivals. In 2008, at 17, he released two, critically- acclaimed albums. He also played prestigious folk festivals, including the Philadelphia Folk Festival and Tonder Festival in Denmark, and opened for music icons, like Loretta Lynn and Dan Bern.

Now, in 2009, at 18, and before heading off to Columbia University this fall, he’s released a new record, “Not Afraid of Nothing.” But, in this album, his eighth, Anthony ventures into new musical territory. While one foot’s in folk, the other foot’s loose and wandering into various genres, influenced by the work of Elliott Smith, Ryan Adams and some other, less-obvious artists, like The Smiths and Jay-Z.

“I needed to get to someplace else with this record — someplace with a little groove.”

Not Afraid of Nothing” is a homegrown record, recorded mostly on a Macbook Pro with an MBox in living rooms and basements throughout Anthony’s hometown of Pleasantville, NY. As for the songs, they document his last year in high school — a year of clarity and confusion, love and loneliness, change and nostalgia and, ultimately, renewal.

“This album is definitely the most of me that I’ve put out there, but I hope it can be about all of us in a way. If it’s not, than I’m not doing my job.”

  • Leave You Lonely
  • Maybe I Should Lie
  • November


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