Beth Bombara

Beth BombaraBeth Bombara’s music has traversed the waters of folk to indie rock, successfully gaining a diverse fan base and avid admirers. She has toured nationally as a member of Samantha Crain and the Midnight Shivers, and appeared in Guitar Player magazine.

While Beth Bombara so far has largely focused on Beth Orton/Bon Iver-esque, downtempo, melodious folk-pop, her recent project, Beth Bombara and the Robotic Foundation, pulls her into the orbit of the Breeders and, at times, Bettie Serveert. Her clear and warm alto makes her confessions believable, while the rhythmic instincts of her band are always sharp. Bombara’s recent songs come tailor-made for a long, late-night drive through a dense forest, where shadows emerge, shiver and linger in the memory. Here, she steps out of the coffee house, into rock and roll’s clangorous realm. Her backing band, the Robotic Foundation, is comprised of Theodore multi-instrumentalist JJ Hamon on bass and his brother Kit on drums. The trio emits a well-tempered slurry of electric energy, trigger-happy percussion and echoing atmospherics. “As a band, the chemistry is there, and it’s downright impressive,” writes Will E. Smith in a recent Playback:STL review.

In 2006 Beth accepted an invitation to an exclusive artist residency program on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. There, she began honing her writing and performance skills. “It was a surreal experience. For once in my life, I could sit down with minimal distractions and focus on all things music. But even more important than that, it helped me clear my head and become more at peace with who I am as a person, and embrace that. Those experiences are truly invaluable.”

Beth currently lives in St. Louis, MO. In addition to playing with the Robotic Foundation, Beth makes up one half of the band “Cassie Morgan and the Lonely Pine”, and also performs solo.

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