Site Notes

There are two announcements to make regarding this blog.

1. This one isn’t as big of a deal as the next one, but just wanted to make people aware I will not be posting this weekend. I will be out of town Saturday-Monday, so the next posting will probably be Tuesday.

2.  About a month ago I went into the doctor with a horrible cough, and was diagnosed with bronchitis. 2 weeks later it         was still there, I went in and was diagnosed with pneumonia. 2 weeks later my cough had worsened so I went into the ER to get it looked at again. X-Rays were taken and a CT scan was done of my chest and lungs, and a mass was discovered. After a biopsy of the mass was done, I was told I have  lymphoma and I will need chemotherapy ASAP. The lymphoma most likely was caused by a pre-existing condition I have, Aplastic Anemia, and the medicines I was on to treat that some years ago. When I start chemotherapy, blogging may decrease significantly depending on my energy level and other factors. I just wanted to make people aware of this before it happens. I will try to continue to blog as often as I can, but it may not be possible some days because of what the chemo will do to my energy level.

As always, thank you everyone who reads this blog, I have enjoyed sharing the music I listen to with people and always appreciate the feedback that is given.


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