Peculiar Gentlemen

Peculiar Gentlemen

Peculiar Gentlemen, the unlikely duo of folk/rock guitarist “Sweet” Willy Jive and hip hop/dance influenced keyboardist E-Beats, have hit full stride with their sophomore album The Difference.

This time, backed by a full band and three flavorful vocalists, Peculiar Gentlemen have compiled what may very well be the ultimate road-trip soundtrack comprised entirely of original music.

Tear into the open road with the raw New York rock anthem, “Nasty“, before cruising through the enthusiastic sentiment of “Tape Machine” and coasting into the blues of love lost along the way in “Goodnight Kiss”. She Keeps Bees joins in on the beautiful “Dig Me Up”, and the band Badman backs up the gritty and dark “The Part That I Love”.

Through clever lyrics, infectious rhythm, old-school soul and an extraordinary sense of humor, Peculiar Gentlemen move through genres with effortless ease. Their joy of live performance translates seamlessly to this fully self-produced album.

Peculiar Gentlemen’s fresh sound and energy have breathed much needed life into New York’s indie scene at such venues as The Knitting Factory, Southpaw, Jalopy, and The Bellhouse.

  • Tape Machine
  • Goodnight Kiss
  • Ashamed


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