Darling New Neighbors- Rocket

Darling New Neighbors’ new album “Rocket” is available in Austin, in hand-crafted packages created by artist Adam Young and screenprinter Jaime Cervantes. The national release is set for October 15, 2009. “Rocket,” which was mixed by Jeff Hoskins, will be available locally and nationally in coming months. Darling New Neighbors released “Every Day Is Saturday Night” in 2006, to national acclaim.

Unfettered by indie-rock orbits, “Rocket” explores a range from wry folk (“Gasoline”) to dominatrix hard-rock (“Take It”), from angelic pop (“Sydney”) to distinctive Latin (“Tango”). In typical fashion, all three Neighbors contributed songs to the album, circulating among instruments and an eclectic range of styles. Primarily vocalist and bassist, Elizabeth Jackson makes appearances on accordion, violin, and drums. Guitarist Amy Moreland provides vocals and bass tracks on multiple numbers. Reid Faist, as well, steps out from the drum set for vocals and guitar work. Pedal-steel maestro Gary Newcomb makes a cameo in the cinematic, Southern-noir “Indian Mounds.” Darling New Neighbors calypso twist on Neil Young’sOnly Love Can Break Your Heart” is not to be missed.

  • Tango
  • Boys In Cars


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