CocoRosie-Coconuts, Plenty Of Junk Food EP

Having spent the last two years hunting for beautiful boy faeries high in the Tuscan Appenines, and taking their musical inspiration from these delicate creatures, Sierra and Bianca Casady are back with a self-released five-track tour EP of twisted fairground cabaret. We had been told to expect more songs along the lines of the whacked-out “spiritual dance music” of last year’s one-off single ‘God Has A Voice, She Speaks Through Me’, and lead track ‘Happy Eyez’ comes closest to that with a classic CocoRosie sampled beat overlaid with a trippy, swirling carnival motif. “They call me Wee Willie Winkie / I’m tired and blinky,” croaks Bianca, but there’s an underlying sadness to this nursery rhyme that balances out the surface nonsense.

The black cloud hanging over the sisters doesn’t go away either. Beneath the brass and cutely piping sampled woodwind of ‘Coconuts’ lies another sorry tale, while piano ballad ‘Milkman’ finds Sierra practically weeping into her Rice Krispies. Things don’t get much sunnier in ‘Joseph City’, an eerie waltz through crepuscular side streets where a cracked, ghostly voice eerily chants the names of colours. Finally, ‘Spirit Lake’ takes us back to the river with some spiritual gospel, drunken keyboard samples, a scratchy beat and some pretty glockenspiel. As a taster for the Casady’s next album, Coconuts, Plenty Of Junk Food shows them stepping back from the hip-hop stylings of The Adventures Of Ghosthorse & Stillborn and skipping through much dreamier terrain. There’s so much going on here, though, and it’ll take a while to unravel if it’s all effective.——Alan

  • Happy Eyez
  • Coconuts

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    This is great! Too bad CocoRosie isn’t a fan of updating their website…

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