Jeff Krantz- The Last One To Know

Jeff Krantz was wearing a drab, gray suit, sitting behind a desk when he had an epiphany. This is not the life I should be living, he thought in January 2007. That night, Krantz decided it was time to pursue his living-room hobby. Little did Krantz know that within a year, the International Music Awards would name him a Male Artist of the Year finalist, and Billboard, Newsweek and The London Metro would feature him as a groundbreaking singer-songwriter. Instead of hitting the road, Krantz broke industry standards by finding tens of thousands of fans through Second Life, an online virtual world with over 12 million users. Under the pseudonym Hep Shepherd, Krantz streamed 200 live performances from his NYC loft. His acoustic performances broke attendance records. Billboard Magazine reported that his virtual shows were “sold out,” and Krantz quickly caught the attention of the music industry.

Shortly after recording his first demos, Krantz received an unexpected letter from singer-songwriter legend Cat Stevens, who was deeply moved by his songs, calling them “meaningful and clear.” Lyrical and heart- felt, Krantz is a modern troubadour blending the early songwriting of early Dave Matthews with the vibe of Jakob Dylan. His memorable melodies and lyrics send listeners on a journey through the emotional spectrum. The London Metro calls Krantz “a superstar,” while Holland’s Robkast Radio hails his music as “ambitious, atmospheric [and] awesome.” Shortly after being honored as a Male Artist of the Year finalist, Krantz received a prestigious Billboard World Song Award.

“I took a look at what was happening in my career and thought, Whoa! I think I need to record an album,” said Krantz, who assembled a band and dove into his debut studio effort, “The Last One to Know,” an 11-track LP. “The Last One to Know” showcases Krantz’s lyrical imagery as well as his soft, clear and distinctive voice. His guitar work ranges from heartbreaking finger-picking to roots-rock rhythms. The album explores contra-dictions behind the emotions we all feel: loneliness lurks in love, hope can live in heartbreak, and joy can rise from pain.

The Last One to Know” was  released independently on November 3, 2009.

  • Last Goodbye
  • Roses On The Wall
  • The Last One To Know


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