Colbie Caillat-Breakthrough

Colbie Caillat’s breakthrough arrived before Breakthrough, when her debut Coco turned into a breezy surprise hit. Breakthrough isn’t meant to catapult Caillat into a mainstream that already knows her, but to consolidate her success, so it’s not entirely a surprise that the album bears evidence of her showbiz kid roots, a record that relies just a bit more on the studio than the song. It’s a creation that’s slicker and sleeker than the debut, but fortunately, it’s not quite at the expense of Caillat’s simple charms. The high-buff sheen on Breakthrough can mean that the songs glide down a little too smoothly, sliding down like a velvety Piña Colada which is perhaps a bit too sophisticated after the everyday charms of Coco, and perhaps a little bit too polished for Colbie in general. Underneath all that gloss, Caillat remains a simple girl singing songs of love as light and crisp as a sugar cookie. Too many of these in a row can cause a toothache, but having a handful at a time is a sweet ordinary treat.—–Stephen Thomas Erlewine-

  • Begin Again
  • I Won’t
  • You Got Me


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