Are your pieces beautiful?” asks Steve Jones (aka Stylusboy) in his song Jigsaw. “Everyone has so many pieces to their life but how do they all fit together? I often try in my songs is describe parts of my life and what the moment means to me. Some songs are snapshots of one moment in time, some are about a collection of different moments”. Stylusboy’s songs are heartfelt, delicate and full of hope…

Stylusboy spent various times in his past playing guitar and bass in different bands and playing gigs all over the place. Songs were played on radio one, reviews written in Rocksound, a loud noise was made, but he discovered that sometimes less is more. Bands finished, the noise became less and Stylusboy was born.

Stylusboy’s debut release and he has recorded and produced the EP himself with the help a few friends. ‘Fingerprint EP‘ contains songs about love, hope, joy and the beautiful things in every day life. Recording the drums in a local community centre and the rest of the EP in his lounge, this is very much a home grown release. Tracks been very warmly received both in the press and radio. Stylusboy recently completed a BBC radio interview and live session.

Stylusboy gigs regularly and live outings are an intimate affair where he takes the listeners on a journey with his guitar and voice. He has played a packed mainstage at the Godiva Festival, a performance that helped his reputation grow further. Stylusboy has played alongside Newton Faulkner, The King Blues and up and coming artists Olivia Broadfield and Jess Morgan.

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