Ryan Adams-The First Pink Heart Sessions & Q Division Demos

The First Pinkheart Sessions

1.  Starting To Hurt
2. Mega-Superior Gold
3. Gimme A Sign (a/k/a Waiting For A Sign)
4. Win
5. Red Red Red Red Wine
6. Candy Doll
7. I Don’t Wanna Work
8. Charmed
9. Enemy Fire (different than Gold version)
10. Testy, Testy
11. Around The World / Under The Bridge (parody)
12. Young Winds

Q Division Demos

1.  Abigail
2. Gimme Sunshine
3. The Rescue Blues
4. Just Like A Whore
5. Idiots Rule The World




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  2. Comment by Jeff B:

    These are great! Thanks! Anyone know the background on them?

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