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Every Boy is a New York based singer/songwriter who crafts catchy, alternative pop-folk tunes with a deeply conscious message, clearly a disciple of the Dylan school, and follower of the Harrison way. His debut CD, “The Last Lala’s”, brings you along on a spiritual journey addressing life, love and our place in the Universe. Every Boy heard The Beatles at a very young age and has been hooked on rock n roll ever since. He says, “My Uncle Richie played me “Let It Be” over and over again on his 8-track when I was 3 or 4 years old. He also used to change the lyrics of “Rocky Raccoon” to Brucie Raccoon when he sang that tune. To a kid, that was magic. Primed and ready to go, Every Boy continued absorbing all of the musical forms he heard in his young life from classical to show tunes to Bacharach’sRain Drops Keep Falling on My Head” to The Beatles “White Album

Musicality goes way back in Every Boy’s family. Besides his baby-boomer uncle who was a great guitar-playing singer/songwriter himself, his mother was a state champion trumpeter in Michigan and her grandfather was an opera singer in Vienna. “My grandmother would always tell the story of how a crowd would gather on the street below their windows to listen to her father rehearse.”

At 17, Every Boy started Brown University with the goal of learning Japanese before graduation. 4 years later, he had succeeded enough to find himself working in Japan, then studying Classical Japanese Literature, haiku poetry, and Buddhism. He remembers the delicious irony of riding in the backseat of a stretch Mercedes Benz with his mentor—an old Zen monk by the name of Shin. Several wealthy laypeople who wanted to have lunch with Shin provided him and Every Boy a car. Every Boy loved how Shin-sensei relished the car and the gourmet Chinese lunch, yet remained extremely humble to the whole experience. This lesson serves Every Boy well to this day.

Every Boy’s down to earth personality, groovy musical style, & Zen-tinged lyrics have attracted an A-list assortment of musicians and fans. The recording of “The Last Lala’s” would not have gone down the way it did without the gracious and generous input of slide guitarist Ben Peeler from The Wallflowers, Bassist/Singer/Songwriter Tom Freund who has long played with Ben Harper, Keyboardist Brian LeBarton who plays with Beck and drummer Adam Topal, an original member of Jack Johnson’s band. The tracks were mixed with great expertise and sensitivity by multiple-Grammy-award-winner John Holbrook. Needless to say, Every Boy has unbelievable friends & supporters in the industry.

When asked about the goal of his music, Every Boy says, “I wanna make people dance on every single song. It’s gotta be so emotionally powerful that they’ll dance during the ballads too.” It’s easy to imagine audiences grooving along to the song, “Thank You Pachelbel” which has the lush, intimate vocal sound of “One Headlight” from The Wallflowers and the clever catchy chorus: “You put smiles in the toes on my feet.” “Life is 4 Living” is a great meditation on the human condition that has the musical shimmer of “Strawberry Fields Forever” combined with Every Boy’s lyrical plea to get out there and live life to the fullest.  In it he sings, “I believe life is 4 loving/Go on & get yours done/It may seem there’s no limit/About that you’d be dead wrong.”

Would U Still Love Me” is a powerful ballad about a relationship about to break. It’s that moment where you can’t figure out whether to stay or get out as fast as you can.

When asked where Every Boy’s inspiration comes from, he takes a very long, deep breath before answering, “Music comes from a tiny voice in the back of my head. It’s a voice that comes to me from somewhere else, somewhere outside of me. If I can slow down and calm down enough to listen very carefully, I can hear it speak. From there I just become a scribe, getting it down on paper so I can play it for people.” And when asked how he’d describe himself, Every Boy says with a laugh, “I am a simple guy who was given an incredible gift, a blessing I intend to share with the world.” Whatever the case, he is a modern day troubadour who is worth slowing down for and listening to.

  • Life Is 4 Living
  • Let It Go
  • Another Love (Tanqueray)




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