Joe Burge-Dare Go Wrong

Oakland’s freshest singer and producer, Joe Burge brings his creative lyricism and outside-the-box technical skills to his independently produced debut album Dare Go Wrong. Although seated in the R&B section, Dare Go Wrong does not conform to what typically defines the genre. Opening with “Clutching,” a most unusual and engaging (dare we say haunting?) invention unlike anything heard thus far, Burge applies his unusual sampling and instrumental techniques to a host of single-worthy tracks, winding it up with the surprisingly country-esque “Forget You,” firmly establishing that this fresh musical voice definitely defies categorizing. Taking cues from the venerated influences of D’Angelo and Slum Village, Burge invokes the soulful singing of Goapele but brings his own flavor and unique production values, always keeping references respectful, subtle, and poignant. Deviating from the norm, Burge dismisses the hackneyed popular themes of club nights, fanciful sexual prowess and bloated masculinity. Instead he writes from his heart and brain, rising to a more honest and human level with a fresh new sound that every listener can relate to. Self-produced artists are more numerous in this new era of accessible music production tools and open Internet distribution. Dare Go Wrong is a truly polished change for everyone seeking refuge from the sameness of the musical landscape. A refreshing new talent, Joe Burge is an inspired artist worth keeping an eye on. Dare Go Wrong, by Joe Burge, is available now for download on iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, and

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