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The person you see and hear is but a travelin’, fool-hearted girl named Chantilly. Born in Rhode Island and schooled in New York, creative tendencies were practically in her DNA.  Her mother was (and still is) a painter, and her uncle the brains behind a successful local band. Earliest memories include being glammed up in her sparkly 80’s best, standing on the living room coffee table to perform impromptu concerts for the family.

After college, and earning the prestigious Patricia Kerr Ross Award for songwriting and performance, where else could she possibly go but New York City?  Like many souls seeking the spotlight, Chantilly was determined to grind it out with the best of ’em.  Once her feet were firmly planted, she performed at open mics and worked a string of jobs, while recording preliminary tracks for her debut album, “Caught Light.

But during the time it took to make the record, she got bored.  So she created, curated, and produced the first-ever Bushwick Open Studios Music Festival, and arranged around 50 tour dates along the northeast in her spare time.  And while traveling, sold 250 copies of a handmade demo cd in cities such as Philadelphia, Washington DC, Providence, Portland, and Burlington.

So now, after two long years of touring with only a guitar on her back and a demo in her pocket, Chantilly is the proud mama of “Caught Light.”  A new album with contributors who have worked with everyone from Ingrid Michaelson, to Alicia Keys, to Kid Cudi.  And it certainly made a splash, as she was recently #1 on The Deli Magazine’s songwriter charts.  She oversaw each step of the process, and managed to come out with a gorgeous collection of sounds, each song distinctly different and completely their own.

Chantilly’s attitude and pluck have helped gain show dates with talented artists like Rachael Sage, Jenny Owen Youngs, Gregory and the Hawk, and Anthony DaCosta.  Her persistence is evident, and the girl takes her work seriously- carefully choosing the choicest snippets of melody and lyrics for maximum aural satisfaction.  After all, it’s her job to create the kind of ear candy that dedicated listeners deserve to hear.  She bounces around, hangs out, and exchanges good vibes with everyone she meets- all while pushing aggressively towards her goals.

Currently she is focusing on arranging more dates for a more extensive tour, cracking open the New York songwriter scene, and getting the release of her album under way.

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