Raul Midon-Synthesis

Raul Midón – who critics have compared to Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, and Donny Hathaway – may be the most compelling “triple threat” to come along in years – a show-stopping guitarist, brilliant pop/soul/jazz vocalist, and a remarkable, outspoken songwriting talent.

Midón’s brilliance in all three areas is on vivid display on his third album, ‘Synthesis‘, due for release April 13th, recorded by legendary producer and bassist Larry Klein with some of L.A.’s finest musicians.  The album features eleven new songs, including ten Midon originals and a stunning cover of The Beatles’ “Blackbird.”

Raul Midon is the very embodiment of an “outlier” – he made the most of his unique circumstances – and he practiced like hell.

Raul and his twin brother Marco both lost their vision as newborns when they were placed in hospital incubators without proper eye protection.  Another tragedy befell them at age 4, when their mother died.  But their father, an acclaimed Argentinian dancer, instilled in his boys a strong work ethic, and they both achieved extraordinary success.  Marco became an electrical engineer for NASA; and Raul, after a successful career as a session singer for artists like Shakira and Julio Iglesias, has emerged as a brilliant singer/songwriter/guitarist.

“Raul was very disciplined as a kid,” brother Marco says. “At six or seven years old, he practiced guitar 7 or 8 hours a day…Dad said there’s nothing that you can’t do.”

After putting in more than the requisite “10,000 hours,” Midón has developed a percussive, flamenco/jazz guitar style that astonishes audiences and a silky smooth tenor, including “a spine-tingling falsetto and an uncanny ability to mimic a trumpet,” according to People Magazine.

Raul’s first two albums brought critical acclaim, appearances on all the major late night T.V. shows in the U.S. and Europe, and multiple world tours.  Stay tuned for new tour dates, including a residency at Midon’s former homebase, Joe’s Pub in NYC.

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  1. Comment by Justin P. Drew:

    Loved his first album, but he kinda fell off the face of the Earth for me after that. Was wondering if he’d released anything else since then!

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