Dead Times-I Love Myself and I Want to Live

I Love Myself and I Want to Live is the new release from Dead Times (originally released under Calvin Markus).  Tying in his usual themes of blending pop and soul into more mystical, obscure elements in a genre-defying fashion, it’s kicked up a notch with a new intense sense of drama and urgency. “Inside of You” and “No Time Never” open the album with softer elements prefacing the near-folky, plodding “Neither of Us“. The music echoes Markus’ lyrics, the sense of life commentary and occasional frustration and cynicism, taken to gospel heights in “Everything is Crooked“. “A Way Out” is one of Markus’ greatest achievements yet – if there was a radio single from this album, this would be it – a powerful and memorable moment in a series of many from this talented artist. “Becoming” and “You’ll See” add some sleek electronica into the mix, and here is where Markus’ fondness for Justin Timberlake makes sense. “Sing Soul” is yet another particularly epic, cinematic moment, summing up what Markus is after in his work in music. “So Good” closes the album with a peppy rhythm and a bright, optimistic glow.
Marilyn Roxie; A Future In Noise

  • Inside Of You
  • No Time Never



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    “A Way Out” is awesome.

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