Connie Lansberg

Connie Lansberg is a singer/songwriter who performs original pop-jazz and smooth jazz. She is a vocal interpreter of the wonderful stories told by the American Song Book and beyond. She uses her voice in such a way as to reveal and tease out even the most subtle of nuances that define these beautiful songs. Reminiscent of Blossom Dearie and June Christy, but with the modern edge of Sade and Sting, Connie Lansberg creates light and shade and sings with an unselfconscious joy that is truly infectious and enfolds the listener within the melody so that each performance is a shared experience that leaves no one out. Connie was recently asked by an eminent Melbourne Kiniseologist to supply both her music and her voice for a series of uniquely modern meditations designed for both the Nokia and iPhone app stores.
Steve Robertson “Jazz on Saturday” PBS 106.7 says :
“Poised, beautiful and stylishly attired Connie commands her audience’s attention from the first note. Unlike some singers, she maintains a delightful (and often quite sexy) eye contact with her listeners. No staring off into the lights or the exit signs for her -Connie is very involved, not just with the crowd, but with each individual in it. And the singing? It’s clear, powerful, intimate and in tune, all at the same time. Her breath control is flawless and she uses it to master the dynamics of the song, even over the roar of a big band. “It’s music that makes you feel lighter than when you came in.”
As a child she sang and played guitar. The appreciation for jazz didn’t arrive until later. Playing her original songs with jazz musos has been a long held dream finally coming to fruition. Her childhood in the San Fernando Valley is reflected in her song “Even So (There Must be Poetry in the San Fernando Valley)” and is a perfect explanation for her running away to England where she started writing in earnest before once again setting off for unknown pastures in Australia where she carved out a busy live career.
Melbourne has some of the best jazz musicians in world and hooking up with several local guys has taken her original songs to another level. Hearing dark stories paired with a beautiful voice and painted by exceptional musicians is an experience to savor. Connie believes that people send their stories to her to write and sing so as to give the unheard a voice.
And that’s exactly what she does in her regular singing dates at Dizzy’s Jazz Club, the vocalist of choice for the much-admired Dizzy’s Big Band on Wednesday nights. She’s also been known to cha cha or boogie through a tune with her own small combo at Manchester Lane, the elegant mid-city Melbourne eatery, The Rosstown Hotel, Morningstar Estate Winery and many, many more. With the big band, the repertoire is strictly standards. Teach Me Tonight is a special favorite; so is Blue Skies or All The Things You Are. Others in her vast repertoire include Georgia, It’s Alright With Me, Lullaby of Birdland, and a really unique version of Cry Me A River. At Manchester Lane, and private functions she’s more likely to treat her audience to some of her many original compositions.”

  • Even So
  • High Expectations
  • A Crush


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