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You hear the word all the time in write-ups: transcendence.  It’s almost become kitch.  But finally, an artist who delivers on the promise.  Pip Skid, a longstanding legend of Canadian hip-hop presents Skid Row, an electrifying and energetic blast of socially conscious hip-hop that only solidifies Pip Skid’s position as a force to be reckoned with.  His unique brand of hip-hop hits listeners not only on a visceral but cerebral level too.
But why would you expect any less from Pip Skid?  Here’s the harsh truth, for those who (unfortunately) might not be familiar with his raging yet thought-provoking brand of hip-hop.  Utilizing a range of genres, including driving guitars that elevate his MC skills, Pip Skid has been making music for 17 years and shows no signs of letting up.  His live show is renowned for it’s intensity, as the normally reclusive artist sheds his skin and provides a powerful show, leaving audiences clamoring for more.
And Pip Skid does his part to deliver as much of his art as possible to his fans.  Starting out with the seminal group Farm Fresh from his native Brandon, Manitoba, Pip held his own at the forefront of a burgeoning hip-hop scene in central Canada in the early 1990’s.  He is a cornerstone of the success of indie label Peanuts & Corns Records and has featured on many of their 40 releases.  And by day, Pip Skid delivers hip-hop to the youth around him, participating in his “Make Rap Happen” program, which is in high demand with schools and cultural groups. “Make Rap Happen” focuses on the history of hip-hop and teaches children to express themselves through deejaying, performing and recording.
But on March 30th, with the release of Skid Row, Pip Skid will do some weighty self-expression of his own.  Tracks like “I Never Knew” presents an infectious, jangly groove with Skid’s trademark socially-frustrated lyrics elevating the track to something, well, transcendent.  And the powerful title track echoes some of Cypress Hill’s best work, combining furious guitar solos and fist-in-the-air MC’ing that will no doubt grip audiences with its immediacy.  Skid shifts things up on “Ten Dollars” which pays homage to classic, 80’s-influenced hip-hop that will have purists salivating.
There’s no shortage of hip-hop out there today.  But Pip Skid presents something different; his brutally honest take on the world around him puts him in a class of his own.  And for that, everyone around him is better off.
  • I Never Knew
  • Skid Row
  • Tens Of Dollars


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