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First off, apologies for the span in posting most days, I’m at the roughest point of chemotherapy right now and it’s just wiping me out most days. Hopefully this next cycle will not be as rough and I will be posting more constantly. Secondly, I want to get some feedback on the future of this blog. I started this blog as a way to expose people to music that I really enjoyed and artists I’ve loved for a long time. After a while I started getting e-mails from artists and artist representatives asking me to feature them on my blog. It started as a few here and there, and now it’s at the point where I’m getting about 50 per week. I love hearing about new, “unknown” artists and giving them exposure on my blog, but I’ve noticed that’s the majority of what’s on here now. So, I want to hear from my readers, do you like the way the blog is run, or would you rather see more established artists featured, whether it be album releases, unreleased material, live material, etc.? I will still feature more up and coming artists regardless, but I just want to know if people would appreciate more of a mix, or more focus on bigger name artists, or if they like it the way it is and don’t want it to change. Feedback is much appreciated. Hope everyone’s day is going well, thanks for your readership!


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  1. Comment by J Basse:

    I’m sorry to hear about the chemo – it’s such a rough ride. I wish there was a way to share that type of burden – I’d be happy to feel your sickness for you if that would spare you a day. Lots of us would. In a better world it would work that way. That said – as far as the site is concerned it would be interesting to ask artists what their favorite music is – and share that. Me? I’m a Leonard Cohen fan – discovered him for the first time a few months ago. Nothing would make me happier than knowing what music he enjoyed – what’s on his Zune… I’ve never been a music fan – and it’s nice after all these years to have someone to listen to – and his choices might expand that… Anyhow, thanks for asking. Again, you are in my prayers.

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