Purple Tree

David Perry began playing music competitively at the age of 3. He started writing his own music (words and music) as a teenager. He started Purple Tree in 2001 which was his second band showcasing original music he wrote.
In November 2000, the Purple Tree Project originated as a session band for David Perry’s Plasticine Man album. By February 2001, the band agreed to perform Plasticine Man to a live audience and began rehearsal. They booked under the name David Perry and the Purple Tree, naming the session musicians after their song Purple Tree. The first mix of Plasticine Man was finished in December 2001 prompting a private CD release party in Valparaiso, Indiana December 7th, 2001. The CD was released as a Limited Edition, with plans to have it professionally mixed and released in the future.
In 2002 Purple Tree began performing in Chicago, Illinois. The band booked under the name David Perry’s Purple Tree. By 2003 the project had changed several musicians due to artistic conflicts, continuing to book performances, but now under just the name Purple Tree. David booked studio time at Studio Chicago to re-record Plasticine Man, engineered by Cousin Chuck.
In 2004, David moved to Astoria Queens, NY and wrote a new Purple Tree CD entitled the Final Prophecy. He remixed and used drum tracks from previous Studio Chicago sessions to assemble songs without a band, then performed remaining instruments himself. After the EP was complete in 2005, he assembled a new Purple Tree line up and held a private CD release in Manhattan. After which, they performed the Final Prophecy around New York City and surrounding suburbs the remainder of 2006. In March 2007 David moved to Chicago where he continues to write and record music under the name Purple Tree using a new line-up of musicians.
  • Got To Be Free
  • Looking For Change
  • Happiness (The Ending Day)


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