Grief is only the memory of widowed affection’s, Arabesque calms his grief by recounting it. The Toronto born artist has turned the untimely death of his girlfriend and it’s mourning into an unbeaten career. His heart grieves over what he has lost, his spirit rejoices over what it has left, music. Since the passing of his companion, Arabesque’s remedy for grief has landed him a dozen heavily rotated singles on commercial radio and a hand full of videos on Much Music and MTV.
One of hip hop’s most talked about artists, Besque continues to intrigue Music’s biggest names. In 2005, signing with UK based label Sin Nombre with distro via Universal, “The Frenzy Of Renown” was released with glowing reviews, shooting videos for single’s “Bellyache” and “Stardust.” He was nominated for Rap Recording of the Year at the 2007 Juno Awards.
Connecting with Flipmode’s first lady, Rah Digga, to record the “Hang Your Heroes” EP, the combination of synth’s, vinyl static pops and clever cadence have made the project a memorable one. Shooting videos for singles such as “Nature’s Phone” and “Anna Conda.” “Nature’s Phone” broke early that year, with soul house magnate Aaron Ross debuting the single on BBC 1xtra. International sales soared, piercing the experimental landscape.

Tokyoites adopt Arabesque’s sound with “Last Life In the Universe,” a Japanese Remix album released by Yanase Productions(Fall 2008). Last Life in the Universe is a melodic album that strikes a good balance between gritty vocals and beats that range from jazzy to soulful to those meant to rock the disco!

  • Caravan Of Love
  • Understand

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