Marc Robillard

Canadian born, Los Angeles-based singer songwriter Marc Robillard fuses together meaningful and honest lyrics with understated and heartfelt melodies to create his own unique blend of sonic artistry. With his raspy humble voice and interestingly textured pieces, Robillard is able to reach deep into the heart and soul of an audience and connect on a truly personal level.

Amidst the sullen tones of much of his work, Robillard still seems to weave a common thread of brightness and hope within his lyrics and music. His debut EP “Paper Airplanes” received glowing reviews from both fans and critics. Now, with the upcoming release of his sophomore album, Robillard is taking things to the next level with this collection of brand new tunes. One of his new songs “So Much More”, which was featured in Frito Lay’s new television commercial for a biodegradable Sunchips bag, stirred up positive attention from viewers across North America. After the spot aired on Earth Day, Robillard, along with Frito Lay and Sunchips, were bombarded with requests for the recently released full version of the song.

So Much More Music Video

Butterscotch High Music Video—Download MP3

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