Born by the beach and proud to be Australian Tamarama’s Jay and Pottsy are spreading their infectious style of surf rock/pop to the masses.. After releasing their first EP in 2008 they spent time touring the east coast of Australia and California while working on new music. Now fresh from recording their debut LP in New York City with acclaimed producer David Kahne they are set for a release in June of 2010 with a string of touring dates including Bonnaroo and Mountain Jam.
Tamarama is Australia’s best kept secret a small pristine beach that is a perfect mix of serenity, danger, glamour and good times. Growing up in this magical place has fed the visual aspect of their music, mixed with their life experience of living all over the world finding love, losing love and still having hope. These are all undertones of this latest collection of songs. Its a way of life, its about living your dream and doing what ever it takes to get there. Tamarama is showing they are definitely a breakout band to watch in 2010.
  • All I Could Give
  • Lifetime On The Run


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