The Dylan And Ginsberg Sessions + The Weberman Tapes

1.  Vomit Express [Record Plant, New York, NY; November 17, 1971]
2.  Going To San Diego [same as T1]
3.  Om My Soul Shalom [same as T1]
4.  Nurse’s Song [same as T1]
5.  Jimmy Berman Rag [same as T1]
6.  Many Loves [same as T1]
7.  Prajnaparamitra Sutra [same as T1]
8.  September On Jessore Road [Record Plant, New York, NY; November 20, 1971]
9.  September On Jessore Road [unidentified]
10. September On Jessore Road [unidentified]
11. The Tyger [unidentified]
12. A Dream [same as T1]
13. Do The Meditation [Rundown Studio, Santa Monica, CA; February 13, 1982]
14. Airplane Blues [same as T13]
15. Airplane Blues [same as T13]

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The Weberman Tapes
January 1971

On January 6, & 9, 1971, the notorious Dylan stalker and self proclaimed ‘Dylanologist’ A.J. Weberman recorded phone conversations between he and Dylan. In 1977 he conned Broadside into releasing some of the conversation. The result was this Folkways Records release.

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    Dear “Music for Humans” – I am in seventh heaven,
    that i could get “Town Hall 1963” in .flac, and also the
    other stuff with Dylan, like “The Weberman Tapes” all
    in .flac – and right to my door – via mail – fantastico!!
    Yesterday i subscribe to your site with an E-mail adress which i had to change, because i could receive-
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    today .
    My deepeste sympathy, for the Veterans and the soldiers who are fighting for our freedom!

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