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Nadia is a Canadian born singer/songwriter with a penchant for metaphoric lyrics and eclectic musical influences. Her influences of rock, soul and folk are evident on her debut album Arrival,from the Beatles-esque Julian to the soulful pop of Arrival and the bluesy depth of the Blues Always Bleed Red. Her live show is a ruckus energetic version of the album.
Rooted in a staunch refusal to be pigionholed, Nadia Kazmi is as adept at writing a ’70s inflected soul groove as she is at writing a singer-songwriter ballad or coming up with a reggae beat. Think of your own music collection: no one owns just one genre or music on their CD shelves or in their iPod. So why should a singer sing just one style of song?
Nadia showed a love of words and writing from a very young age, recording an original composition over her mother’s favourite tape at the age of 5. She took vocal lessons at 12 and revisited her love of music at age 16. She hasn’t stopped writing or singing since. She loved the messages in the poetry of Bob Dylan, John Lennon and Leonard Cohen. She connected with the soul of ’70s singers like Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin, and later found an appreciation for belting classic rockers like Janis Joplin, Ann Wilson and Freddie Mercury. Bringing all of those influences together on one album is a daunting task, but one that she achieves effortlessly.
“Nadia is bringing something refreshing and new to the music industry with her mix of pop, rock and soul,” says Junior’s Cave online magazine.Her debut album, Arrival, “encompasses many genres… in a woman’s quest to find meaning in this life,” says the review blog You Sing, I Write. And just like our own quest for meaning in this life encompasses many facets of our own background, so Nadia manages to combine her myriad music loves into one showcase of powerful vocals and introspective songwriting.
Produced by Grammy-nominated Alex Elena and Josh Valleau, Nadia has already had one of her tracks, “My True Love,” appear in the wedding episode of the popular TV series, Keeping Up With the Kardashians. With a voice that can wail at full throttle, or seduce with a soft falsetto, Nadia’s range always stays true to one thing: herself. “To me, music is like outer space — so vast and curious that I will never be tired of it and that is why it so enthralls me,” she enthuses.
  • Julian
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