Unknown The Universal Element

Unknown or as he is simply called ”Un” has been dedicated to music since his youth.Today,Unknown the Universal Element is looking to expand his music worldwide. He does not censor his music or alter his sound for anyone;it is all about integrity. Not one-dimensional in the least, Un is an artist that doesn’t limit himself to boundaries or specific topics. He comes from the heart when he enters the vocal booth.
”I feel like the human body has no limitation in moving in any specific direction,so I question whether my spirit is limited. I feel it has the ability to do the same if not more?” He is a hardworking hip hop artist, surviving in a day and age where many are biased against this art form known for it’s rebellious and revolutionary roots. ”Through interpretation fueled by mass media stations and major labels, people have negative views of both our culture and our music worldwide. I really want to break these stereotypes.”
He loves great music with styles ranging from jazz,blues,soul,classical,80’s Rock,alternative to  classic rock. Eventually, Unknown wants to venture into working with a full band. Unknown The Universal Element is recognized for painting extremely vivid images with lyrics that compliment music.He isn’t providing typical mundane stories or tales that are consistently found in today’s over saturated hiphop market.
His love for rhyming is sparked by rich tradition and foundation laid by the early masters of hip-hop music and culture.Un has been compared to great thought provoking,east coast mc’s that came out in the early and late 90’s.His flow can easily be compared to Rakim,Nas, and Common, with fluidity reminiscent of a young Kool G Rap;only instead of writing tales about killing the whole mafia,rhymes would be woven with visions of conversing with Nikola Tesla over a glass of fine cognac in the Waldorf Astoria while conducting electrical experiments with playboy playmates at their sides.
  • Let Go
  • 33 and a 3rd


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