Picks Of The Week

A while ago I challenged myself to listen to every CD in my collection from beginning to end. This is a challenge that will most likely take a few years, but I’ve already found music I didn’t even know I had that I love, and I’m re-discovering music I hadn’t thought about for a while. So I decided to start a new feature here called “Picks Of The Week” where I take some cool tracks I’ve heard the past week and post them every Sunday. Hopefully my challenge to myself will help you discover some great music as well. Here is the first installment.

  • A.R.M. (feat. Slug)- Fear Of The Mundane
  • Astronautalis (feat. P.O.S.)- The Story Of My Life
  • The Animals- Ring Of Fire
  • Atmosphere- Shrapnel
  • Eilen Jewell- You Ain’t Woman Enough (To Take My Man)
  • Feist- Secret Heart
  • Grieves- Catapults
  • Kim Taylor- Greatest Story
  • P.O.S.- Optimist (We Are Not For Them)
  • Romantica- Drink The Night Away
  • The Romany Rye- Dear Holly
  • Sarah Jaffe- Vulnerable
  • She & Him- Thieves

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