Debbie Miller-Fake Love

Debbie Miller is a New York-based singer/songwriter who got her start in local scenes of Brooklyn and the East Village. Classically trained on the piano, Debbie taught herself how to play the guitar upon realizing it was possible to learn an instrument you could carry around. A little over a year ago, Debbie was noticed by a producer at an open mic at Bar 4 in Brooklyn singing “Tippy Toe“, a quirky song about sweetly and subtly slipping into the subconscious of a crush. Captured by her unique blend of humor and heart wrenching honesty, he approached to her to record the song. They found it hard to stop recording for the next year – the end result is Debbie’s debut album, “Fake Love.”

Fake Love“, recorded over the course of a year at Sound Slope Studios in Brooklyn, showcases both the silly and the serious sides of Debbie’s songwriting. The album is a collaboration between Debbie and producer Greg Coladarci, and involves the musical contributions of other talented local artists.

Running the gamut of emotions, Debbie Miller can melt your heart, move your soul, or crack you up – sometimes all at once. Her quirky and beautiful songs delve into the honesty of just being human whether she is poking fun, writing about love, being mischievous, or singing you swaths of bathroom graffiti.

  • Summer
  • Tippy Toe


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