Dessa concert review

Friday night I saw Dessa at the Concrete And Grass Festival in St. Paul. This was my third time seeing her and every time it has gotten better and better. She puts on a high energy and intimate show, and Friday she added some new songs to the set which sounded amazing. Hopefully this means a new album in the future, although I’m still hooked on her most recent one, A Badly Broken Code. She and the rest of the Doomtree crew are starting a national tour which starts November 4th, I would recommend checking them out if they are near your city, the show is well worth the price of admission for Dessa alone, plus you get P.O.S, Paper Tiger (who just recently released an album), Cecil Otter, and more. For tour dates and ticket info click here. I was able to take some photos Friday and I found a couple videos on YouTube of the concert, check them out below.

I also saw Dessa at the Minnesota State Fair earlier this month at The Current booth, and they just posted the audio a couple days ago, it’s just a short set (3 songs), but also includes interviews. Download that show below, it was recorded right off the soundboard, so it is very good quality.

MN State Fair-The Current Booth
St. Paul, MN
  1. Interview
  2. Mine Shaft
  3. The Chaconne
  4. Dixon’s Girl
  5. Interview

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