2Pac-Makaveli Part 3

14 years ago today 2Pac Shakur was murdered in Las Vegas. Since then his estate has released multiple albums, all of them except one going on to sell over a million copies, proving the interest in his music has not decreased since his death. Below is a compilation of songs that are either unreleased, demos of released songs, or remixes.

Makaveli Part 3

  1. Troublesome ’98’
  2. Letter To The President
  3. Tear Drops And Closed Caskets
  4. Friends
  5. All Out
  6. Cause I Had To
  7. Happy Home
  8. Secrets Of War
  9. Hell 4 A Hustler
  10. World Wide Dime Piece
  11. When We Ride (Remix)
  12. Who Do You Believe In
  13. Why U Turn On Me
  14. Pac’s Life


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