Happy Birthday Leonard Cohen

Today is Leonard Cohen’s 76th birthday. I got a chance to see him last year and he is still going strong after all these years. He’s had an interesting career and life, from his days as an author, moving on to music, to his time at a Zen Center in the 90’s. These days he’s touring pretty extensively and releasing live CD’s and DVD’s, and reportedly will have a new album with brand new material in the near future. The following is a compilation of live songs during his 1979 tour in the UK, as well as a documentary on his song “Hallelujah” from BBC Radio.


Rare Songs

Birmingham Odeon 12.8.1979

  1. Quatrains
  2. Blues By The Jews (Billy Sunday)
  3. Sisters Of Mercy
  4. Diamonds In The Mine
  5. The Smokey Life

Birmingham Odeon 12.8.1979: Soundcheck

6. Bird On The Wire [Rehearsal]
7. Red River Valley (Trad.)
8. Streets Of Laredo (Trad.)
9. Ride Around (Trad.)
10. The Union Makes Us Strong (Trad.)

Brighton Dome Theatre 12.15.1979

11. Suzanne
12. Blues By The Jews
13. Silent Night [Duet With Jennifer Warnes] (By Joseph Mohr)



The Fourth, The Fifth, The Minor Fall

Another chance to hear Guy Garvey examine the classic Leonard Cohen track, Hallelujah and uncover the song’s enduring appeal. Hallelujah has been covered by a huge range of artists, most recently X-Factor winner Alexandra Burke. Guy explores the lyrics – opinions differ as to its religious or sexual meaning – and how the song has been widely used in television drama, film and even the blockbuster animation Shrek. The programme features different versions of Hallelujah and contributors include: singers Kathryn Williams and Imogen Heap; Mary Guibert, the mother of the late Jeff Buckley, who recorded one of the best-known covers of the song; Alex Patsavas, a music supervisor who has worked on high-profile US dramas such as The OC and Grey’s Anatomy; music producer Andy Wallace; and the Bishop of Croydon, Nicholas Baines.



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