Fiery Blue

Songwriter Paul Marsteller has joined with Austin producer & musician Gabe Rhodes and vocalist Simone Stevens to produce an eponymous debut Fiery Blue.

Songwriter Paul Marsteller, producer and multi-instrumentalist Gabe Rhodes and singer Simone Stevens make melancholy, deeply affecting music that keeps the promise of their evocative name. The songs have a dreamy, evocative feel and explore the netherworld between sleeping and waking, desire and fulfillment, reality and imagination. Elements of folk, rock, country and pop float through Fiery Blue’s music in ways that make the music sound both familiar and unique. Marsteller’s language combines poetry and everyday language to create seductive, ambiguous moods that are brought to life by Stevens’ supple vocals and Rhodes’ ghostly late night production.

Fiery Blue is a long distance project that started when Marsteller decided to record his songs.  He was a fan of  country-folk singer-songwriter Kimmie Rhodes and was so impressed by the production values of her albums, that he brought in her producer, her son Gabe, for his project. Stevens was asked to be the voice of Fiery Blue when a duet with Mark Lennon on a song they co-wrote, “Wildside“, caught Marsteller’s attention. Rhodes brought in Austin based drummer, Hunt Sales and the project was born.  Although based in separate cities (Marsteller in San Diego, Rhodes in Austin, and Stevens in NYC), Fiery Blue sounds as if they’ve been playing together for a lifetime.

Fiery Blue was produced by Gabe Rhodes and was recorded by Gabe Rhodes, with vocals recorded in NYC at Let ‘Em In Music and Wild Artic Studios.  All songs were written by Paul Marsteller with exceptions of “Far and Near” (Marsteller and Rhodes) and “Neon Age” (Marsteller and Stevens).

  • Hide Away
  • Feels Like Falling


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  1. Comment by Paul Marsteller:

    Thanks for your interest in our record.

    We’re busy finishing up a second, and then on to a third.

    Paul, Gabe and Simone

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