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Before I get to the Picks Of The Week today, I want to take a minute and post about Eyedea, a local rapper on the Rhymesayers label. He was found dead earlier today at only 28 years old. The cause of death is unknown at this time, but no matter what it ends up being, this is a tragic loss for the MPLS hip hop community and the music community as a whole. I had a chance to see Eyedea and DJ Abilities a few months ago for free and passed up that chance due to prior commitments, I am now kicking myself for that. You always think there is unlimited time to see your favorite performers, when the truth is, they are human, just like any of us and could go at anytime, so appreciate them while they are here. Here is a link to the facebook post from his mom commenting on his death and a link to help out with funeral costs if you feel so inclined–LINK.

There’s no easy way to segue from that into a regular blog post, so I’ll just present this weeks Picks Of The Week.

  • Untitled (Love Song)-The Romany Rye
  • Any Day Now-Mike Dreams
  • Shallow Days-Counting Crows
  • Hamlets Remix (ft. P.O.S. & Atlas)-Comadre
  • Travelin’ Song-Jackie Greene
  • Skeleton (Everybody’s Favorite)-Astronautalis
  • Move Over-Janis Joplin
  • This-Darius Rucker
  • Passion (ft. Tapwater)-Pigeon John
  • Allison Road-Gin Blossoms
  • Dear God (ft. P.O.S.)-Muja Messiah
  • Chewy-Wiz Khalifa

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