Change of direction

I’ve really been neglecting blogging recently,and I’ve been trying to figure out why. I’ve come up with this: sometimes I feel like blogging about things other than music. I am an amateur photographer, a sports fan, and a lover of books, so why should I limit myself to only music? So, I’ve decided to kind of put a little twist on the blog here. Most of the postings will still be primarily music related, but a couple a week most likely will be about other topics, whether it be something as simple as a picture(s) I’ve taken recently, a sports take about my favorite Minnesota teams, or a book I’ve recently read (Sammy Davis Jr. bio currently), or anything else I feel like at the moment. I’ve made another decision as well: while I love receiving e-mails from artists and artists reps, I primarily started this blog to spread music I loved and wanted other people to explore, and it’s kind of turned into a blog about new upcoming musicians I really don’t have a connection to. While I love helping talented, relatively unknown musicians get some exposure, it’s really almost taken me away from what this blog started out as. I will still post about musicians I’ve received e-mails about, so please continue to send them, but the posts about them might just not come as often. I want to start posting more about musicians I’m passionate about and have loved for years. I’ll be posting more live shows and unreleased/studio demo stuff as well, as I think a lot of people love to hear musicians in an element other than the studio album. Well, thats my rant (so to speak), later tonight I’ll be posting a concert I attended a while ago, so keep an eye out for that. Thanks for reading, it’s always appreciated!


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