Nick Drake

On this day in 1974, musician Nick Drake was found dead, in his bed at his home in Tanworth-In-Arden. He left behind a music legacy that was never really appreciated during his lifetime, but has found a wide fan base since his death. I was made aware of Nick Drake through a friend about 6 or 7 years ago, and have been obsessed since. Most of his music was very simple in the musical sense, yet very complicated in it’s hidden meanings lyrically. Only releasing 3 albums during his lifetime, most of the songs on them convey a very lonely, lost feeling, and his last album, Pink Moon is the most extreme example of this. Pink Moon is my favorite Drake album by far, and I put it up there with one of my favorite albums, period. It’s starkness (only one song includes any instrument besides acoustic guitar) matches what we know of Nick’s personality, very quiet, reserved, and withdrawn. It’s a short album, coming in at a little over 28 minutes, but it doesn’t feel incomplete, if anything, it feels like a perfect goodbye letter to an amazing artist who has hopefully found the peace he was never able to obtain during his lifetime. Below are a couple discs of demos Nick recorded at Far-Leys. Most of them are pretty rough as far as quality goes, but they are still very enjoyable to fans of Drake.

Nick Drake

  1. My Sugar So Sweet
  2. Get Together
  3. Don’t Think
  4. If You Leave Me
  5. Courting Blues
  6. Strolling Down The Highway
  7. Blues Run The Game
  8. Winter Is Gone
  9. Here Comes The Blues
  10. All My Trials
  11. Tomorrow Is A Long Time
  12. Cocaine Blues
  13. Milk & Honey
  14. Summertime
  15. Black Mountain
  16. My Love Left With The Rain
  17. Bird Flew By
  18. To The Garden
  19. Strange Meeting 2
  20. Joey
  21. To The Garden


Nick Drake
Tanworth-In-Arden 2

  1. Fly
  2. Place To Be
  3. Hazey Jane I
  4. Parasite
  5. Poor Boy
  6. Work In Progress 01 (Acoustic guitar)
  7. Black Eyed Dog
  8. Work In Progress 02 (Acoustic guitar)
  9. Work In Progress 03 (Electric guitar)
  10. Voice From The Mountain
  11. Work In Progress 04 (Piano)
  12. Work In Progress 05 (Acoustic guitar)
  13. Work In Progress 06 (Piano)
  14. Work In Progress 07 (Piano)
  15. Time Has Told Me (Five Leaves Left Demo)
  16. Saturday Sun (Five Leaves Left Demo)



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