NEeMA-Watching You Think

I recently got a chance to see the Chapin Sisters live which was awesome, but one of the real surprises of the night was the opener. Her name is NEeMA, and her music is absolutely beautiful. She is from Canada, and her most recent album, Watching You Think, was produced in association with fellow Canadian Leonard Cohen. Hearing that really grabbed my attention as I am a huge Cohen fan. NEeMA’s songs are mostly light hearted, and touch on subjects such as her dog (Elsa’s Lullaby), looking for an escape from a broken relationship (Escape), and a yearning for love and protection (Stay). I also got a chance to meet her after the show and she couldn’t have been more gracious and down to earth, which always makes me more willing to support an artist. If you like what you hear from the following songs, please be sure to pick up her CD and also check out her live show I was able to record here.

  • Escape
  • Elsa’s Lullaby




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    Thank you, good to see a few people today still put efforts into their blogs.

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