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Citizen Cope-The RainWater LP

Posted December 11, 2010 By admin

Citizen Cope has always been an intriguing artist to me. His music borders on hip hop/folk. While this may sound like a strange combination, it actually works beautifully. Cope (aka Clarence Greenwood) also has one of the most unique voices in music today, sounding almost like a lazy southern drawl, but it never sounds careless. The RainWater LP is Citizen Cope’s first release on his own label, RainWater Recordings, a label he started to give himself creative freedom and to do the music in the way he sees fit. That freedom really shines through, as every song on The RainWater LP sounds honest, and like it has a purpose for being there. The standout track is obviously the radio friendly “Healing Hands“, which is an ode to a lover/friend who came along at just the right time, to save him from the depths of despair and lift him back up. It’s really the most beautiful song on the album, which is saying a lot considering the whole album is packed full of them. One minor problem I have is the ordering of the track list. I think a song like “Keep Askin‘”, which is directed to a lover asking how long he will love her, and his response is “always”. It sounds to me like a follow up to “Healing Hands“, but “Keep Askin‘” is the first song on the album. Then again, I could be interpreting these two songs completely wrong, which is the beautiful thing about Citizen Cope’s music. Every song can mean something different depending on the listener, and i think that’s what makes his music universal.

  • Healing Hands
  • Keep Askin’


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