Botzy-Deaf To The Static

The way the discovery of this album happened has to be one of the strangest routes to an album I’ve made this year. At the local record store in town, The Electric Fetus, there is a box where artists can drop off their albums for people to grab for free. Well, I’m always on the lookout for new music and am always grabbing one of them, and one day grabbed a mix of about 10 songs by different artists. One of them was “All But Elegant” by Botzy (of Culture Cry Wolf). It sounded good, so I grabbed his debut album Deaf To The Static and gave it a listen, not sure what to expect. What I found blew me away to be honest, and left me wondering why I hadn’t heard this guy before. Botzy’s flow is similar to that of Grieves and the late Eyedea, and the beats he uses can be described as haunting and dark at times. Lyrically, Botzy isn’t quite on the level as say Slug of Atmosphere or Brother Ali, but he isn’t far off, and with time he may end up at that level, which is one of highest compliments anyone can pay a hip hop artist in my mind. The song that got me drawn into Botzy, “All But Elegant“, is one I can relate to, which might be why I was so instantly connected to it. It deals with issues like people who don’t know you judging you, and people who claim to be friends leave you in the end, leaving you with the feeling they were using you all along, and trying to rise above it all to become a better person. All of the songs on Deaf To The Static seem to have a dark theme to them, whether it be betrayal, loneliness or just plain sadness. What started out as taking a flyer on a free mix CD ended up with me finding one of my favorite albums of the year, which is proof you can find good things for free if you look hard enough. ++ MySpace ++ Twitter ++ Facebook ++ Buy


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