Joanna Newsom-Have One On Me

I had just finished going through Joanna Newsom’s back catalog when her most recent album, Have One On Me, was released this past year. At first it seemed really overwhelming, 18 tracks over 3 discs, clocking in at over 2 hours. It wasn’t really surprising though, considering most of her songs are long and almost epic in nature. The songs on Have One On Me are a bit different than her past releases,adding more of the electric guitar and drums, but most still have that ever present harp that has become her trademark. Another difference between this album and all of her other ones is the absence of her whistle like high pitched voice, and replaced with a more controlled, polished voice. This may find her new fans as her voice was one of the main complaints of  her detractors in the past, although I personally enjoy both versions of Joanna’s voice. The lyrics on this album are a bit more straight forward and not as cryptic as her previous work,songs such as “Occident” (All my life, I’ve felt as though I’m inside a beautiful memory replaying with the sound turned down low) as well as the almost tear inducing “On A Good Day” (Hey hey hey the end is near/ On a good day you can see the end from here / But I won’t turn back now though the way is clear/ I will stay for the remainder) are examples of this. As to be expected with any album of this magnitude, there were a few tracks that I feel could have been left off (“You And Me Bess” for one), but all in all the album(s) has a great cohesiveness and is probably my favorite Joanna Newsom album so far.

  • On A Good Day
  • ’81


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