Erykah Badu-New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh

This album represents the follow up to New Amerykah Part One (4th World War), which was released in 2008, but the similarities between the two albums end at the name. Part One features more political lyrics, and Part 2 features more personal lyrics dealing with love and relationships. Part Two also features  mainly live instruments, as opposed to Part One, which was featured all digital instruments, and the result is a more intimate, laid back feeling than it’s predecessor. Apart from the amazing album art, couple of highlights on this album are the slow moving ballads “Window Seat” and “Gone Baby, Don’t Be Long“. “Window Seat” is probably more known now for it’s controversial video, but the song itself is a letter to a lover that has left her, and she either wants him to come back to her or no one at all. “Gone Baby, Don’t Be Long” is a little more up tempo and the message is a bit different. It’s a song to her lover asking him not to be gone too long, that the separation is killing her inside, even though she knows he will come back to her at the end of the night, a feeling that anyone who has been in love knows all too well. One of the most interesting songs on the album, lyrically, vocally and musically is “Turn Me Away (Get MuNNY)“, which is a funkier track than most of the ones on the album, it addresses the pressure to be what everyone else wants you to be in order to be popular in the music industry. Keep a look out, if you buy this album from iTunes, there is a bonus track  called “Jump In The Air (Stay There)” that features Lil’ Wayne which is pretty good as well.

  • Window Seat
  • Turn Me Away (Get MuNNY)


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  1. Comment by Sonora Longoria:

    Great post!

    Here is a remix I did of “Window Seat” it’s heavy on the latin percussion end but still has a mellow vibe. Enjoy!

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