Pieta Brown-One And All

Listening to Pieta Brown, it’s hard to decide whether she is folk, country, or somewhere in between.The only sure thing it’s really good music. One And All is the most recent album by singer/songwriter Pieta Brown. I’ll be honest, I can’t even really remember where or how I heard of her, but I’m thankful I did. Her voice is heart melting and sweet, but not sappy sweet (if that makes any sense), and her lyrics could just as well be used as poetry without the music behind it. A veteran in the music industry, this is Pieta’s 7th album (4th full length), and each album has shown maturity and progression from the last, One And All is no exception. “Prayer Of Roses” is my favorite track on the album, a slow country ballad with an amazing chorus that sounds almost effortless. Pieta will be touring starting January 8th, I haven’t gotten a chance to catch her live yet, but it looks like she’ll be coming to my area a few times during that tour, I am definitely looking forward to seeing her then. Recommended tracks: “Calling All Angels“, “Prayer Of Roses“, “Wishes Falling Through The Rain“.

  • Prayer Of Roses
  • Calling All Angels


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