Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan-Hawk

Hawk is another one of those albums by an artist(s) I had never heard of before this past year, and another one that I only discovered because I saw a free show of theirs. Well, technically it was only Isobel Campbell (w/ Willy Mason) performing, but it was in promotion of this album. The first that that you noticed when listening to this album is the perfect blend of Mark Lanegan’s gruff deep voice and Isobel Campbell’s sweet as honey voice, combining to make almost a third voice on the album. “Come Undone” is one of my favorite tracks on Hawk, it’s a sad song about a relationship that has fallen apart, and it’s backed by an almost jazzy instrumental. The way the two voices intertwine really makes the song sound even more tragic and hopeless than even just the lyrics would suggest. Another highlight of Hawk is “No Place To Fall“, that includes Willy Mason in place of Mark Lanegan. While Mason’s voice isn’t quite as rough as Lanegan’s, the pairing works really well, given the almost naive, innocent nature of the song about a simple type of love. For fans of Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra, this album will definitely be of interest. Other tracks to look out for: “Cool Water“, “Time Of The Season” (not The Zombies song).

  • Come Undone
  • No Place To Fall (w/ Willy Mason)


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